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The day started with an impressive win for talented 17-year-old Hamza Sharif over Muhammad Ibrahim Noorani in an all-Pakistan affair. Sharif took a fairly even first game 11-6, before putting his foot down to seal a 21-minute victory with a pair of 11-1 victories.

I have very distinct memories of reading Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty books during high school, so to say it was a joy to see such care be put into the TV show is an understatement. Book-to-TV adaptations are hard, but with Han at the helm alongside a great group of writers and an all-star young cast, The Summer I Turned Pretty made it look easy. It felt like a throwback to teen TV shows like One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, and The O.C., where the setting is somehow magical, the cast is filled with new talent you want to be friends with IRL, and the music feels like its own character. This show did everything right, and I can't wait for Season 2.

Another early classic, Johnny Bravo left an impression on its viewers when it first aired in 1996. The series followed its namesake Johnny Bravo, an Elvis-inspired teen boy with big blonde hair and a daily uniform of black sunglasses, a tight-fitting black T-shirt to show off his muscles, and blue jeans. Each episode found Johnny trying his best to earn the affections of women he encountered, typically failing and often sidetracked by interruptions from his neighbor, a little girl named Suzy who adores Johnny. Ripe with adult humor, Johnny Bravo was one of those shows your parents could laugh at just as much as you, if you watched it as a kid.

Early '00s kids were raised on the antics of these three jawbreaker-obsessed preteen boys with basically the same name, though each had their own personality: Double D was the brains and the leader, Eddy was the conniving mastermind behind their schemes, and Ed was...well, the dumb one, who put questionable things in his mouth, including a coat hanger. Aside from the Eds, the show wasn't short on hilarious characters, like Johnny and his aptly named wooden board friend, Plank, cool kids Kevin and Nazz, and immigrant son of a shepherd Rolf, who grew up to be a meme. Plots involving the Kanker sisters, who were in love with the Eds, bordered on inappropriate but were equally hilarious.

Early commenters were justifiably bummed when this was missing from this list, so we're making it right! The original Teen Titans animated show, which premiered in 2003, was critically acclaimed for its humor, wit, ability to tackle serious themes and strong character development. Where Teen Titans Go! took a less serious approach to issues it tackled with humor, Teen Titans wasn't afraid to dive deeper, which isn't easy for an animated show marketed to kids. The show's set-up which followed a character-based story arc for each season was also impressive for a show of its stature. Teen Titans helped shape what an animated kids show could do and where it could go, and that influence is still relevant today.

A unique example, Samurai Jack was a rare Cartoon Network show that got cut before it could really end, and was revived over a decade later to air a final season on Cartoon Network's aptly titled adult programming block, Adult Swim. The show centered on a brave and lonely samurai with a magical katana on a mission to save his kingdom from doom. It was a truly original show, blending different styles of animation and art and showcasing impressively choreographed action-packed fight scenes while exploring themes of grief and regret. Despite its darker subject matter, the screwball comedy style kept Samurai Jack light enough for younger audiences. The rare circumstances of its revival gave viewers the opportunity to grow with the beloved show, further solidifying its impression on fans.

One of the Cartoon Network shows that toyed the line between being for kids and being for adults, Regular Show became a fast favorite amongst teens who appreciated the inappropriate humor that flew over the hea


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