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PATCHED BadCopy Pro 3.80 Retail With Working Key.rar

Download ->>>

PATCHED BadCopy Pro 3.80 Retail With Working Key.rar

hi, i downloaded this version and installed it, but when i start it, i get a black window in the game. i tried the older version of this patch, but it doesn't work either. it's weird because it runs in offline mode, but when i open the main menu, it says that i'm connected to a dedicated server, and when i click the "connect now" button, the game crash and shows this error message:

badcopy crashes when i get into the world or main menu. i have the game installed and updated on 4 different computers, my laptop, desktop, my ps4, and a friends ps4 and each time i get the same issue. i only have the nvidia desktop igpu installed on my laptops (a ryzen 7 2700x and rtx2080 super). the nvidia drivers are up to date and there is no performance issues, just this crash that happens before the main menu and the world. i have tried changing the nvidia settings from test to auto and changing the api from dx11 to dx12, the game still crashes.

it appears to me that the nvidia drivers are stable and working, on both of my laptops and on my desktop. even on my ps4. it crashes consistently when i try to run the tutorial scenario, so i'm not sure if it's a corrupt or patch issue. all i know is that i'm using the latest drivers installed on both the laptops and my desktop, and all of them have been updated to latest version. i can connect to the server, and the game says i'm connected even though i've never started the game, so that implies the game wants to start but it just crashes. it's the weirdest bug i've ever experienced.

works great for me, no issues. only thing i had to change was the resolution in the emulator. you can find a list of best resolution for each system below. also, i've heard that if you are using anything older than v380.113.1 the game will crash on startup, so make sure you have that version. 3d9ccd7d82


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