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God Of War 3 Pkg Fixed


God Of War 3 Pkg Fixed

to kick things off, god of war iii revolves around kratos, the son of ares, god of war, as he seeks to avenge his murdered family, and the monomyth that serves as the storys backbone. along with fergus, atreus, and deimos, kratos travels through nine tumultuous realms to exterminate the nine titans once and for all. the story is told through cutscenes with voice acting, and kratos, fergus, atreus, and deimos are all playable.

when each realm is destroyed, kratos, fergus, atreus, and deimos fight to stop the monsters from descending upon their world. in addition to the classic combat, players will use bow and arrows, a pair of staves, and even household items to defend themselves and their allies from the angry beasts. this is contrasted with a more daring and athletic approach using certain moves and tactics. the combat moves and sequences are fully adjustable, and its up to the player to change things up to their liking.

note that [god-of-war.cfg] must be copied and placed in [usrdir]/[config.ini] before applying this cfw, it must be the same as original disc contents [usrdir]/[god-of-war.cfg] for compatibility. backup [god-of-war.cfg] if [god-of-war.cfg] has different contents.

1. rename the ps3_game folder of retail disc [bces01123] into npea90127, 2. unpack the demo npea90127 then copy only the [eboot.bin] from it then paste into folder [usrdir] in [npea90127] renamed in step 1, 3. edit param.sfo of [npea90127] and change category from dg disc game (blu-ray) to hg harddrive game then save, 4. delete licdir folder in npea90127, 5. download only the v1.01 update for bces01123, 6. unpack contents of downloaded v1.01 update then move them to a new folder called bces01123, 7. for dtu: transfer npea90127 and bces01123 folders into cfw ps3 then dtu to ofw ps3. done. 7. for han: move npea90127 and bces01123 folders into make-backup-pkg directory then open/run [do.bat]. install on han ps3 with [enable debug packages]. 3d9ccd7d82


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