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Frankie On Pc In 1080p Pc Specs


Frankie On Pc In 1080p Pc Specs

From the "It's about damn time" department, the folks over at Mafia Game finally released the system requirements for PC users. Personally, I couldn't wait any longer and ordered the parts to build my new gaming rig two weeks ago, luckily I'm at or above the recommended specs on everything so I'm good to go. With no further ado here they are.

With a considerably higher resolution than 1080p video, the nearly 4,000 horizontal-pixel display provides a noticeably clearer image than the former HD go-to. With 4K's unmatched clarity, watching Netflix shows exploring everything from the tiny bugs in your backyard to dragons and the edges of outer space feels particularly special and immersive. 1e1e36bf2d


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