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[S5E6] The Iliad: Part 2


[S5E6] The Iliad: Part 2

The late John Singleton based the series on the dichotomy of his youth growing up in South Central while going to school in the more affluent area of Tarzana, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The characters were reportedly inspired by people he knew growing up. But there's another notorious figure who claims the show stole his life story. Freeway Rick Ross told Shirley's Temple that he and Singleton had been working on a movie together. Also a Los Angeles native, Ross built up a cocaine empire in the '80s that expanded across the country. Like Franklin Saint, Ross invested his profits in property and is alleged to have sold cocaine for the CIA in order to fund the Contras in Nicaragua. How these stories developed, particularly the latter, suggests a few outcomes for Season 6. 59ce067264


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