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Yandex Offline Installer

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Yandex Offline Installer

The Celutubes are 20 MWt/44 MWe with a silo volume of about 930,000 m3. The total unit cost is estimated at about $250 million. Test-core cycles have been performed in 2001/2002. A pilot plant was built around the CTB4 in 2008 for an experimental recirculation cycle. The plant has been operating since. The prospect of a next generation, 200 MWe modular reactor with extremely long cycle life was announced in 2010. The 860 MWe CFest reactor in Caeldun, Spain, was the first to operate without a safety graphite rod. It began commercial operation in October 2014 after testing.

The KATRIN is a family of reactors being developed in Germany by Karlsruhe Nuclear Systems (KNS) with Westinghouse to market the first of the series, KATRIN I, by the turn of the decade. All will be derived from the SKM 100-1500, a gas-cooled pressurized water reactor. The design is fully scalable, from 150 kWe to 3 GW, and will have a full-power UHMR cycle. It will include passive and active shutdown systems, and positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters and hydride heaters.

The TAPS (Tomato Accelerator Power System) is a fuel-less, compact, independent, accident-tolerant, energy-efficient, hybrid-fission power plant design for high power density and real time energy generation for grid-connected and stand alone distributed uses.

Started construction in January 2011, the SIR-1 is a 100 MWt/200 MWe nuclear plant with an initial design life of 20 years. It is based on the 311/311R design and is the first reactor of this size in India. The initial target is for commercialization by 2012, with the lead-time estimated at a decade. It uses a small version of the Russian ATL-2 and Russian TRIGA technology as well as some Swedish technology. d2c66b5586


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