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Benjamin Locke and his sister, Miranda, were able to create random keys, but only Ben was good at these. After hundreds (maybe thousands) of years of practice, Ben realized that the keys wouldn't be as good as they could be if he and Miranda practiced together. This caused Ben to fall into a depression and he stayed in his home most of the time, missing the chance to practice his abilities with Miranda. This resulted in Miranda creating and forging additional keys, however, Miranda made the problem worse than it should of been by making the keys so potent, they not only heard the sound of a heartbeat, but the person's mind would be imprinted when someone whispered a phrase through them. The person would believe they heard the person say the phrase, and all of the person's mysteries and secrets of the universe would shatter upon entry of the Key. It produces the defects, such as a horrible bright light, which are the result of imprinting on the random Key. Once a person imprints on a random Key, the stranger would not be able to remove the defective Key from their body without the use of extreme methods or electronics. Also, a Key cannot be removed from its imprinted body unless the imprint is removed.

When Han Riffel and the others went to Keyhouse Manor and found the home empty, he wanted to know more about the mysterious family and the gauntlet he found there. He and Hans took it with them for showing them around and teaching them about the secrets of the Keys. Hans stayed behind, he needed to ask a few questions about the diary, but promised to return with a final answer. Unknown to Hans, while he left, the gauntlet found by Hans had a cracking sound and melted, leaving only two drops of his blood._ d2c66b5586


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