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Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 Serial Number EXCLUSIVE


How to Get Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 Serial Number for Free

Audiffex Pedals is a collection of 12 legendary stompboxes that can enhance your guitar tone with distortion, overdrive, fuzz and boost effects. It is a software plug-in that works with any DAW or guitar amp simulator. Audiffex Pedals was developed by Audified, a company with 20 years of experience in guitar software.

If you are looking for a way to get Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 serial number for free, you might be tempted to search online for a crack or a keygen. However, this is not a good idea for several reasons:

It is illegal and unethical to use software without paying for it.

It is risky and unsafe to download files from unknown sources that might contain viruses, malware or spyware.

It is unreliable and unstable to use software that might not work properly or might damage your system.

So, what is the best way to get Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 serial number for free The answer is simple: you can get it legally and safely from Audified's website. Here is how:

Go to and add Audiffex Pedals to your cart.

Enter the coupon code FREEDRIVE at the checkout and get a 100% discount.

Complete your order and receive an email with your serial number and download link.

Download and install Audiffex Pedals on your computer and activate it with your serial number.

Enjoy your free Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 and rock on!

This offer is valid until April 30th, 2023, so hurry up and get your free Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7 serial number now!

What are the benefits of using Audiffex Pedals

Audiffex Pedals is not just another guitar effects software. It has some unique features and benefits that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some of them:

It is easy to use. You can simply drag and drop the pedals you want to your DAW's track or insert them as plug-ins. You can also adjust the order and settings of the pedals with a few clicks.

It is versatile. You can use Audiffex Pedals with any guitar or bass sound, whether it is recorded or simulated. You can also use it with other instruments or vocals to add some color and character.

It is realistic. Audiffex Pedals uses precise circuit models that take into account every single part of the original pedals. The result is a true analog sound that responds to your playing dynamics and nuances.

It is affordable. Audiffex Pedals offers you 12 legendary stompboxes for a fraction of the price of buying them individually or as hardware units. You can also get them for free with a coupon code until April 30th, 2023.

What are some user reviews of Audiffex Pedals

Audiffex Pedals has received positive feedback from many users who have tried it. Here are some of their testimonials:

"I love Audiffex Pedals! They sound great and they are very easy to use. I especially like the RAT and Tube Screamer emulations, they give me the perfect amount of drive and crunch for my blues and rock tones." - John, guitarist

"Audiffex Pedals is a must-have for any guitar player who uses a computer. They are very realistic and versatile, and they work well with any amp sim or speaker cab. I use them all the time for recording and practicing." - Lisa, guitarist

"Audiffex Pedals is not just for guitarists. I use them with my bass and synth sounds to add some warmth and edge. They are very fun and creative to play with, and they sound amazing." - Mark, bassist and producer

If you want to read more user reviews of Audiffex Pedals, you can visit or

How to get started with Audiffex Pedals

If you are interested in trying Audiffex Pedals for yourself, you can download a free trial version from The trial version will let you use all the pedals for 30 days without any limitations.

If you want to get the full version of Audiffex Pedals V1.0.7


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